carolyn & Paul

OCTOBER 21, 2017 / arroyo grande / california


Our Story


Carolyn and Paul met November of 2008 in Southern California, while Paul was in town visiting their common friends Marc and Diana Walker.  In June of the next year, the Walkers moved back to Diana’s hometown of Danville (where Paul also lives).  Over the next couple of years, Carolyn would visit Diana and Marc a few times a year and Paul would always make an appearance.  Each visit, Paul and Carolyn would get to know each other more and become friends.  But…a Carolyn visit in summer of 2013 changed the tenor of the relationship….at least it did for Paul.  During this visit, the Walkers hosted a BBQ. Paul sat across from Carolyn at the table and talked the entire dinner….Paul started to ask himself…..”what’s going on here… I starting to “Like” like Carolyn”?  Nothing transpired after that visit but seeds were planted.  Fast forward to March 2014, Carolyn was in town for Diana’s birthday party at Dave and Busters.  Paul arrived to the party fashionably late…which is what Paul does.  Upon entering the room, Paul sought Carolyn out and ended up sitting next to her the entire night and playing games together in the arcade.  The next day Carolyn left to go back home….but they both kept thinking about that party...and what a great time they had!

The next day, Paul sent a text to Carolyn which he had never done before.  Carolyn responded…and that started everything.  A text per day turned into two, then into three and so on….to which lead to longer discussions about music and food…and pictures of food…lots of pictures of food.  For each of them it became a big part of each of their days…in some cases late into the night.  After three weeks and a lot of texts, Paul knew how he felt about Carolyn.  It was at this time he texted Carolyn and asked if she’d like to talk on the phone…she said yes.  That night, on the phone, Paul told Carolyn that he felt that something special was going on between them.  Carolyn agreed but needed some time to process it.  The next day they talked and Carolyn told Paul she had processed it and that she was good to go…..”let’s do this”.

Since that day in Mid-April of 2014, Carolyn and Paul have become the best of friends.  The challenge of each of them living at the opposite ends of California did not dissuade them a bit.  Luckily, Carolyn’s parents live on the central California coast in Arroyo Grande...240 miles from Paul and 220 miles from Carolyn. Arroyo Grande turned into their home away from home. Two to three weekends every month, they each make the 4 hour drive after work to see each other.  

 After many texts, hours on the phone, and many many thousands of miles in the car this nine year journey will come to a crescendo on Saturday, October 21st!

(according to carolyn)

Paul is always ready with a laugh or a smile. Everyone who knows him knows of his love for good food, fun and super heroes. His love and excitement for life is contagious! I am so blessed to share this life with him. 


Carolyn’s qualities are so evident through her kind heart and ease of serving others.  Her encouragement is effortless and her smile and laugh come with ease.  She has so many talents yet remains so humble about them.  I am beyond lucky to have her in my life.



Save the Date

OCTOBER 21, 2017


Wedding Details

We're going to have the wedding ceremony in Arroyo Grande, where Carolyn grew up, followed by a cocktail and dinner reception at the nearby Monarch Dunes. Wear your best and come prepared to dance!



2:30p – 3:30p
Grace Bible Church
100 Rodeo Dr.
Arroyo Grande, Ca



4:00p – 10:00p
Monarch Dunes
1606 Trilogy Pkwy
Nipomo, Ca


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